The waves are easy. We let them out of ourselves without thinking. Everything we feel, everything we say, everything we do, is a trigger. And it becomes a wave. And the waves move around rooms, gardens, airplanes, trains, dance floors. Sometimes they meet with static waves, before those become waves, and blend into them to make something more physically perceivable; a reaction.

Like that woman who shot a majestic lion in South Africa a few weeks ago. Then she posted her picture (and lots of other pictures with dead trophies) up on Facebook. She pulled a trigger, ended a life and sent some waves. Those waves met other waves and they are still crashing so hard against each other that those collisions are forming even more waves, ugly waves. Because she didn’t realize you don’t need an active brain to pull the trigger. ANYONE can pull a trigger. We all pull triggers every day. And we kill things; ideas, memories, moments. But we try to not kill the idea of hope, the hope that we can be good at times. And even though we do kill it every now and again, we mostly try not to. But she didn’t. Try. That’s where the brain was supposed to come in. It didn’t.

Her waves were born for a specific purpose; to remind us of that little grisly, evil, greedy part in all of us – apparently a legal part in some places – but an ugly one nonetheless. Her job is done. That was her grain of sand for that beautiful yellowish ball we call balance.

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