There are very small, seemingly LONG moments in life in which every piece of reason gets lost. Every word gets bent out of shape and the present becomes completely…warped.

Sentences suddenly twist, facial expressions get distorted, and everything that weaves that instant gets perverted.
It brings me to ask myself if EVERY reaction and response that is obstinately contrary to previous behaviour is automatically a perversion. And are these perverse moments RIGHTLY perverse in order to make us change the aperture of our brain to take a different picture?

Sometimes nonsense is the only real piece of life that we can hold on to.

And it’s the only element that survives inside ourselves to keep the wheels in our minds turning, somehow fighting to stay awake, alive, trying to piece it all together to make something more coherent, logical and perceptible available to our minds.

Logic is deceiving though. And it can disappear at the very blink of an eye when you find yourself dancing alone, blissfully happy in your own cloud of madness.

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