Let it pick me up and kiss me with its water-coloured thoughts.

Let me fill my lungs with its thickness, blow out blueish smoke and relish in blue thoughts.

Let it grab me by the toes to later let me go…to let me fly down, to dive into the waters of the deep deep depths, to blow out blue-toned bubbles and slide around inside of them until they pop!

Let me play with blue particles and become minuscule enough to take advantage of the viscosity of air. Allow me to grasp and climb through it and indulge in the microscopic nature of my existence.

Let there be blue waves that soothe me with their rhythm and carry me lovingly onto blue sand, to sink my feet in it and dance melodically in place as it embraces my swollen feet with coolness and wraps its grains around my skin.

Let me indulge in darkness with a blueish tone and embrace the whispers of sweet blue nonsense that finds its way into my ears.

For just a few seconds, let me drown in a peaceful version of myself – a blue one, that is not disturbed or influenced or inspired by any other color.

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