Moonlight made me lose my creativity and drown in a pool of sleepless exhaustion. Moonlight made the little people in my head panic and throw the files of my life ALL OVER the creative department floor. They’ve announced a delay in creation until further notice.        Love affair with sleep It’s not the first time it happens. Moon has been up to these tricks before. And as the little people now believe to have witnessed a fantastic occurrence – what a human being would call a crush, infatuation… even love – most of them have fallen into a state of catatonic ecstasy, refusing to carry on with work.

Re-organization is currently in progress. And machinery continues absorbing information as normal. Lack of supervision, however, has backed up the reason department, causing a delay in prudent thoughts. The machinery controller (not affected) has gotten in contact with the rescue team. The rescue team is collecting giant spray guns with intents of barging in, covering the walls and filling the air with liquid logic. Until that happens, the strain of sweet madness is seeping through the walls causing the rest of the little people inside to inhale and continue descending into elation. There have been power failures throughout the thinking departments, which has all resulted in dark hallways filled with random voices and lost shadows. It has all become a tune, a melody, the song of the singing shadows. I have started dancing to the melody and  forgotten to breath the air of reality. The very few unaffected by this phenomenon tell me that there is nothing they can do at the moment to speed the logic process up. Systems will, however, return to normal function at some point. In the meantime, moonlight makes me keep on dancing. It makes me keep on humming the sweet sweet melody of the lost voices that whisper rapture… or rather, nothing more than nonsense in the dark.

And then, there are the monkeys…  


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